Youth Carbon Pricing Conference

We believe that imagination and youth are powerful forces to generate political will for a liveable world. We are bringing them together in a conference like no other. We are debuting a radio play adaptation of the story “Save Our Ice” written by S.M. Smyth. It is a musical with a fantastical and touching story that has the power to remind us all that anything is possible. It was produced by An Grianán Theatre and was recorded and facilitated by the regional cultural centre in Letterkenny, Ireland. After the plenary session, 63 youth from 28 countries we will attend workshops and hone their carbon pricing champion skills. Registration for the plenary session is open to everyone.

We hope you can join us. There are two dates to choose from. Note that French and Spanish translations are only available on Friday, September 10.



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Friday, September 10, 2021
11 am PDT / 2 pm EDT / 6 pm UTC
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Saturday, September 11, 2021
5 am EDT / 9 am UTC
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6 pm JST / 7 pm AEST/ 9 pm NZST
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Conference Agenda

The conference has two parts:

Part I – the Plenary (60 minutes)
– Welcome from your conference facilitator Brian Cho, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Halifax Leader
–  Comments from Joseph Robertson, the Executive Director of Citizens’ Climate International
– Comments from Angela Churie Kallhauge, head of the World Bank Carbon Pricing Leadership Secretariat
– Radio play,  Save Our Ice
– Interview with Seamus Smyth, author of Save Our Ice
– Is carbon pricing really the most powerful tool we have to get to net-zero by 2050?
– Final send off from some of our national leaders

Part II – 85  minutes of workshops for youth, young adults, and their helpers to help them prepare for attaining the certificate.
-Icebreaker and Introductions
– Climate Income Laser Talk
– CCL Community
– Your testimonial
– Your video
– Media Training
– Lobbying 101
– Your certificate
– Staying connected

The Certificate

1. CCL/CCI groups will be assisting the youth and young adults.
2. It is understood that except in pre-approved circumstances the focus of the work will be climate income.

Seamus Smyth, Save Our Ice, Translated Scripts

The children’s story “Save Our Ice”  was written by S.M. Smyth. The radio was produced by An Grianán Theatre. It was recorded in and facilitated by the regional cultural centre in Letterkenny, Ireland.

The play includes the song ‘Elegy for Our Wonderful and Beautiful Blue Friend’ and two other original tunes. Seamus hopes the work will capture the imagination of singers and performers all over the world in the way Bob Geldof did in 1985.

Seamus Smyth: Novelist, playwright, songwriter, cartoon movie maker, entrepreneur, environmentalist, horse breeder, upholsterer, builder, tomato inspector, equestrian products manufacturer, crossword compiler, retailer, sales, tyre fitter, boatman, steel fixer, carpenter, plumber, landscape gardener….Worked on building sites in Holland, Germany, UK, Ireland. Born and raised on Belfast.


Save Our Ice in the news
Hopes musical will awaken celebrities to the climate crisis

Translated Scripts

Many thanks to Jacques Kenjio, Alba Peña and Kohei Noda for translating the radio script into French, Spanish and Japanese.


If you want to learn more about carbon pricing and climate finance and be connected to more youth doing the same then consider GYCAF – the Global Youth Climate Action Fund. 

The GYCAF is the first of it’s kind climate fund dedicated to financing youth-led climate action around the world. The idea for the fund was birthed by a coalition of NGOs over a three months consultation period that involved virtual dialogues with finance experts to help curate a vehicle that supports and champions youth-led climate action. The GYCAF is a collaborative partnership between BLI Global and Drop Access.

In the lead up to COP 26 they have a series of carbon pricing and climate finance workshops for youth.

GYCAF Season II Timetable


The Workshop

The workshops are for both the youths and their helpers.

Hone your communication skills for carbon pricing
Learn the steps you need to attain your certificate
How to stay connected to all of us after today

Icebreaker and Introductions
Climate Income Laser Talk
CCL Community
Your testimonial
Your video
Media Training
Lobbying 101
Your certificate
Staying connected

It will be recorded.

For those of you who like to get a head start on things here are some resources for the workshops.

  1. A 22-minute walkthrough video recording that will expire in 30 days.
  2. Booklet for workshop participants: CCI Youth Conference FINAL
  3. Pdfs of the slides
    Atelier de Formation en Francais
    Taller de español
    English Workshop

Staying Connected Afterward


Staying Connected

  1. A WhatsApp group
  2. CCL Community group
  3. General CCI Informational Sessions on the third Wednesday of the Month. There are three times to choose from (see below).
    Go here to register.
  4. Optional check in sessions on the last Wednesday of the Month on October 27 and November 24 at three convenient times (see below). Participants, look in your emails, our WhatsApp group, and on our CCL Community page for reminders.

  5. Both the CCI Informational Calls and the CCI Youth Calls will be conducted at three set times in 12 hour period.
    You need to register for the Informational calls.
    You will get reminders in advance for the youth calls.
    Here are the set times
    Time One:
    8 am EDT = noon UTC
    Time Two: 2 pm EDT = 6 pm UTC
    Time Three: 8 pm EDT = 5 pm PDT  = * Thursday outside of the Americas