Our Mission

Citizens’ Climate International (CCI) is a US-based tax-deductible 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to empower citizen volunteers to exercise personal and political power in the shaping of effective climate policy. CCI is a sister organization of Citizens’ Climate Education and Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Our Mission

We work to build political will for a livable world, by empowering citizen volunteers to have breakthroughs in the exercise of their personal and political power.

We serve this mission through three primary areas of work:

  1. Empowering citizen volunteers to build political will for a livable world;
  2. Coordinating Citizens’ Climate engagement in international processes;
  3. Managing formal partnerships within the growing family of Citizens’ Climate organizations.

We believe everyone’s chances of success, including governments and industry, are enhanced when the design of our world is shaped by the needs and aspirations of all people. Our empowerment and advocacy efforts are built on these principles:

  • Rights — By virtue of existing, you are a climate stakeholder; you have a right to expect a healthy climate and a livable future.
  • Participation — Inclusive civics allows for participatory design, where outcomes are attuned to human need and sustainable wellbeing.
  • Efficacy — We support policies that drive clear, widespread, effective reductions in climate pollution, while building sustainable prosperity.
  • Integrity — We believe the best solutions are informed by science, and use evidence to plan responsibly—in line with rights, participation, and efficacy.

Our Programs

Our core programs are oriented toward empowering people to build a world that works for everyone, free from climate disruption and with sustainable prosperity open to all.

Volunteer Empowerment Program

We empower citizen volunteers across six continents, supporting their efforts to build political will for a livable climate future.

Civic Diplomacy Program

Our Civic Diplomacy Program is oriented toward connecting our education and empowerment work to international decision-making spaces that affect lives, rights, livelihoods, and future climate stability, but where citizens and stakeholders are often underrepresented.

Carbon Pricing Program

CCI advocates for carbon pricing policies that drive rapid decarbonization, while creating local economic benefits and ensuring development is clean, sustainable, and inclusive.

Resilience Intelligence Program

Resilience Intel is a collaborative climate-smart finance initiative, emerging from high-level diplomatic roundtables, and aimed at connecting science insights to finance, to build multi-system resilience.

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