Citizens’ Climate International Upcoming Events

Informational Sessions

We must redirect financial flows towards a resilient and equitable future and we need you on our team. Find out how circa the third Wednesday of the month: April 20, 2022, May 18, 2022 and June 15, 2022.

The Earth Day Citizens’ Forum

The Earth Day Citizens’ Forum is an annual event hosted by Citizens’ Climate International, focused on celebrating and advancing civics as a critical tool for raising climate ambition and achieving a livable future.

CCL Canada’s National Conference

Canadians are well-known for their politeness. It can be fun to disagree when we are polite. Truly, politeness is an element of a healthy democracy. We hope you can join our Canadian colleagues May 1-3, 2022 virtually or in person in Ottawa.

CCL’s International Conference and Lobby Days 

There’s no better way to recharge yourself and spark your climate advocacy.  And we at CCI have a whole section of the conference dedicated to supporting international volunteers who will are lobbying . June us online or in person DC June 11-13, 2022.