CCI’s Get-To-Know-Us Calls

 Get-To-Know-Us circa the 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Join us and learn how you can help drive evidence-based and socially just climate action. We will highlight key moments in 2024 while keeping in mind our niche in the environmental movement and what happened in 2023. In 2024, the agenda has been revamped and now includes an introduction to the EnROADS policy simulator and a primer on redirecting financial flows.

Scroll below and watch our January 2024 call where we started visioning 2024 together. Keep scrolling and watch the December 2023 where we summarized some of the major outcomes of COP28.

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Watch our January 2024 Get To Know Us call

Get-To-Know-Us December 2023 - COP 28 Outcomes

Google Slides for our last call of the year 2023.

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