Countering atrocities is a universal moral duty

We build our mission around the principle that a livable future is a human right. That applies to all people. The atrocities committed by Hamas in its shock invasion of Israel are inexcusable in every sense of the word.

Torture is a war crime. The deliberate killing of civilians is a war crime. The coordinated mass torture and killing of civilians constitutes a crime against humanity. The international community must act with unity and urgency to hold all those responsible for such atrocities accountable to the law, and deny them any form of power, recognition, or legitimacy.

All people have an unalienable right to remain free from harm. Civilians on both sides must be allowed to live in safety. Hostages must be freed immediately, without condition. Humanitarian assistance must be allowed to reach vulnerable civilians, both those in their communities and those who have been involuntarily displaced.

Under International law, all peoples have a right to a homeland. That includes both Israelis and Palestinians. The long-running conflict, and all of the suffering linked to it, must come to an end.

CCI urges all nations to renounce support for terrorist activity, deny any form of legitimacy to any entity linked to these atrocities, and support a negotiated peace that will allow all of the people of Israel and Palestine to live in security and dignity, with all of their rights protected.