FFNPT Gender Consultation

The Paris Agreement doesn’t mention fossil fuels. The COP27 outcome didn’t mention oil and gas.
It’s time for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Gender constituency must be at the table.

Other than a brief mention of the greater impact of climate change that women may be subject to the Fossil Fuel Treaty doesn’t mention gender (or women)!

Thus, it is very important to the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Initiative to hear the views of the Women and Gender constituency to ensure that the important views of this group are well incorporated into a set of principles and options for provisions to be included in the Treaty.

Satat Sampada, a partner of the Treaty initiative, is undertaking the process of developing principles for The Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Citizens’ Climate International is assisting with recruitment of the gender constituency to the Treaty Initiative consultation on Tuesday, February 7 at 2 pm GMT for 1.5 hours. Find your time zone here.

Register on Zoom to participate. Be sure to save the event into your calendar with notifications to remind you of the event on your phone and via email.

Expectations from the session:
The 90 minute consultation will include participatory questions and exercises to help each constituency articulate the following key elements that will go into drafting the principles of the Treaty:
● The constitutive elements (such as values or principles) you think must underpin the Treaty.
● Key beneficial impacts of a successful Treaty for your constituency/constituencies.
● How such a treaty could be operationalised successfully from the local, national to global level,
and which risks should be avoided?
● The strategies we need to win an equitable and impactful Treaty, with a focus on lessons
learned from past treaty negotiation processes.

Documento de antecedentes Consulta principios
Principles Consultations – Background Paper