Announcing the People’s Pavilion


As part of the OpenCOP initiative, the People’s Pavilion aims to serve as a blueprint for how to make open public participation in the UNFCCC process a norm. This virtual pavilion will provide a shared space for people from all around the world to interact with allies inside the COP process and to share their vision for a climate-smart future rooted in local experience and aspiration.

The voices of stakeholders are vital for shaping a world that works for everyone.

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The OpenCOP initiative is a collaborative civic participation program, which emerged from the Engage4Climate Network and its Toolkit for local stakeholder meetings. This effort dates to 2014, with the first virtual citizen participation events, bringing stakeholders voices into the Lima negotiations. COP26 will be a landmark negotiation, detailing national climate action commitments and mobilizing historic levels of transition finance. 


This pavilion will:

  1. Provide an interactive gateway into COP26’s climate empowerment stories and events;
  2. Host Live from COP26 daily broadcast briefings with feature on-site delegate interviews on the latest negotiation developments;
  3. Party Networking tables to engage with national delegates and to gain insights on country priorities and share views on our thriving future;
  4. OpenCOP Spaces, where users can follow along and connect with delegation points of contact listed under each negotiation theme.

Through a curated program of climate empowerment-related events we will give life to ACE at the UNFCCC level.

Register here to access live and on-demand COP26  ACE events, connect with delegates and gain insights on the negotiation’s progress. 


Coordinated by Citizens’ Climate International, in collaboration with the UNFCCC ACE Unit, US ACE Coalition and the ECOS Community. Supported by VoLo Foundation, SWFL RESET Center, and Floor (technology partner). 


VoLo Foundation (VoLo) supports the People’s Pavilion to accelerate change and global impact.  “We are facing a global crisis that must be combatted with the same impetus and urgency as we did with COVID,” says VoLo trustee Thais Lopez Vogel, “Carbon pricing would drive emissions down in a meaningful way.” Since climate change affects all lives, public participation should be a norm inside the COP process, so global negotiations connect more directly to community actions. VoLo is proud to join Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) to reach all of the world, empowering people to take just, effective, community-based action to address the climate crisis.



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