Malawians Meet with Minister Tembo

Malawians Meet with Minister Tembo

Emmas Potolani, Rodgers Lungu (handing over the letter), Davie Nkosi (student), Minister Nancy Tembo, Evans Njewa and Golivati Gomani

Malawians Meet with Minister Tembo to Discuss a Policy that Will Foster Climate-Resilient Development

In April, our groups in Africa were empowered to go to their governments with a letter asking them to consider including Carbon Fee and Dividend in their National Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the United Nations.

On April 13, 2021, for the first time ordinary citizens engaged directly with the Minister of Forest and Natural Resources for Malawi, Mrs. Nancy Tembo. Following the meeting, Minister Tembo posted a Facebook story with photos, a clear explanation of  Carbon Fee and Dividend and suggested follow-up that the group talk with stakeholders.

Here is how Minister Tembo’s story on Facebook begins, “Citizens’ Climate International (CCI) Volunteers Malawi Chapter led by their National Coordinator, Rodgers Lungu, visited us today to present a proposal for government to consider introducing a Carbon Fee and Dividend in the country to foster climate-resilient development.”



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“My meeting with the minister was inspiring and gave me a positive emotion. I saw the willingness the government has on addressing climate change. I was privileged to rubbing shoulders with the Honourable Minister in her capacity as Minister of Forestry and Natural Resources while am still a student doing my bachelors degree course. I also got an insight on some of the problems the ministry is facing to implement some of its best measures.”

 Davies Nkosi