LASER TALK: Largest Global Survey on Climate

On January 27, 2021, Oxford University and the UNDP released the results of the largest survey ever on climate change. The People’s Climate Vote included 1.22 million people over 14 years of age in  50 countries and 17 languages. People of all genders, ages, and educational backgrounds took part, but with significant numbers of younger people. Some 550,000 people aged 14-18 took part.

Key findings:

  • 64%  believe we are in a climate emergency
  • 10% think world leaders are doing enough
  • Results suggest there is not a huge generational divide. Younger people showed the greatest concern, with 69% of those aged 14-18 saying there is a climate emergency, but 58% of over 60 agreed 
  • Where the destruction of forests is a big cause of emissions, people supported conservation of trees, with 60% support in Brazil and 57% in Indonesia
  • In nations where fossil fuels are a major source of emissions, people strongly supported renewable energy, including the US (65% in favour), Australia (76%) and Russia (51%).
  • Gender was a factor in some countries, with at least 5% more men and boys saying there is a climate emergency than women and girls in 16 countries, including Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Tunisia. However, in four nations – the US, Australia, Canada and the UK – significantly more women and girls were concerned about global heating.
  • The data was collected between October and December 2020 and, despite the coronavirus pandemic, 59% of the people saying there is a climate emergency also said the world should “do everything necessary and urgently” in response.

Resources (pdfs)

UNDP-Oxford Peoples Climate Vote Results
KEY_MESSAGES_Peoples Climate_Vote


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