Earth Day Citizens’ Forum

The Earth Day Citizens’ Forum aims to highlight, celebrate, and build momentum for citizen participation as a catalyst for enhanced climate ambition. Amid rising risk of long-term economic and environmental destabilization, we cannot afford to lose time in making major gains for the health and resilience of people and Nature.

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Citizen engagement is critical for restoring our Earth.

Since the world agreed “to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system” in 1992, citizen participation has been far too marginal a part of the climate policy process. In this event, leaders and stakeholders will explore together how public participation empowers government to design, deploy, and sustain stronger climate action.

The Forum will be joined by people on 6 continents. It will be live streamed, celebrate citizen advocates, highlight world-leading policy successes, and invite leaders to see their work as service to that wider community. The hour-long plenary session will be followed by optional working breakouts to:

  • coordinate open stakeholder assemblies;
  • detail climate-smart inclusive recovery plans;
  • explore climate income for enhancing NDCs;
  • foster international cooperation for a smarter transition.

Forum Agenda

Plenary opens at: 12:00 EDT | 17:00 WAT | 18:00 CEST | 21:30 IST | 23:59 PHST

  1. Opening Statements & Scene-Setting (10 min)
  2. Action for Climate Empowerment & Citizen Volunteers (30 min)
  3. Climate-Smart Recovery Plans (10 min)
  4. Closing Statements & Strategic Climate Outlook (10 min)


Breakouts will run for 30 minutes after the Forum plenary is concluded.

  1. Stakeholder Session Planning (Engage4Climate Toolkit)
  2. Reinventing Prosperity in Local Context
  3. Climate Income for Enhancing NDCs (policy focus)
  4. Climate Income for Enhancing NDCs (sharing experiences)
  5. Carbon Border Adjustment Cooperation