Members of Parliament from Ghana join Citizens’ Climate conference

CCI welcomed the first ever visiting parliamentary delegation from another country to the 2023 Citizens’ Climate Lobby conference, which took place June 10-13 in Washington, DC. The Speaker of the Parliament of Ghana designated the Honorable Yves Hanson-Nortey and the Honorable Ebenezer Okletey Terlabi—Vice Chair and Ranking Member, respectively, of the Committee on Environment, Science, Technology, and Innovation, and members of different political parties—to represent the entire Parliament.

Ministers Hanson-Nortey and Terlabi joined CCL volunteers in select plenary sessions. They inspired a group of students who were eager to ask questions and discuss emerging directions in climate-related policy around the world. Students and other CCL volunteers who participated in the discussion described it as inspiring, educational, empowering, and an opportunity to better understand how policies in one country can affect lived experience across the world.

They held detailed discussions of the linkages between national and international policy with CCI staff from Africa and North America. They also had meetings on Capitol Hill and with multilateral institutions. CCI is working to support bold thinking from international institutions and processes around multilateral climate cooperation, in line with Article 6.8 of the Paris Agreement. The Ministers’ visit provided important opportunities for adding new insight and detail to those emerging discussions.

CCI is now planning to build on this experience with a multi-country interparliamentary dialogue next June.