Citizens’ Climate volunteers join United Nations Water Conference

From March 22nd-24th,  the UN Water Conference 2023 was held at the UN Headquarters in New York City. This historical meeting hasn’t been held since 1977, and now it comes at a time of urgency recognizing the water crisis that the world is facing. Named the “most important event for an entire generation”, this conference brought together delegations from all over the world to discuss how to accomplish the commitments made in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

Felipe Gomez, Laura Morales and Sofia Serrano, active members of Citizens’ Climate Lobby from Colombia and Mexico attended the UN WATER CONFERENCE 2023 © Laura Morales

The Water Action Agenda

So far there are 708 commitments submitted. Civil society, including youth, women, and indigenous people, played an important role by making a call to move forward and not letting these commitments be just announcements with no real action behind, especially connecting the path to COP28 and climate action.

We participated in more than 25 side events, 5 interactive dialogues and plenaries during the three-day conference.

Main announcements during the conference:

  1. The launching of the Water Academy for sustainable management practices for communities worldwide.
  2. The Global Water Assessment as an initiative and opportunity to join forces, improve technology-based data collecting, identify gaps and priorities, and support decision-making processes.
  3. Strengthening an International fund for financing water-related conservation programs.
  4. Appointment of the Special envoy for water.

Colombian youth delegates meeting with vice minister Sandra Vilardy © Laura Morales

What’s next

  • On behalf of the Colombian Platform for Children and Youth, we committed to the Agenda for Water Action with four workshops focused on Colombian children and youth on water and climate action. This exercise aims to build a statement for the National Development Plan.
  • CCL Colombia, as a supporting ally organization of the Colombian Platform of Children and Youth, has joined the Latin American Coalition of Youth for Water.
  • After organizing the bilateral meeting between youth delegates and the Vice minister Sandra Vilardy from the Ministry of Environment in Colombia, we will continue the conversation supporting the participation of our volunteers.