CCI Nigeria co-leads Vote for Climate Campaign

CCI Nigeria co-leads Vote for Climate Campaign

Citizens Climate International Nigeria chapter joined GIFSEP and other civil society organizations in Nigeria to organize a Vote for Climate campaign. The Vote for Climate campaign is aimed at aimed ensuring that climate change is made a campaign issue ahead of Nigeria’s general elections, which will take place February 25th 2023. Electing climate deniers into political office can have serious detrimental consequences for the future human development and wellbeing of all Nigerians.

Nigeria is very vulnerable to climate change. Fresh in our minds are the recent 2022 floods which caused the death of over 600 Nigerians, displaced millions of people, washing away hundreds of farms, damaging and degrading farm lands, and destroying other critical infrastructure like roads, houses, and the infrastructure for basic services.

Considering the impact of climate change on lives and our economy is why we embarked on this very important campaign to sensitize Nigerians to collect their Permanent Voters Cards, look beyond empty campaign promises and other forms of inducement, and vote for candidates that understand climate change issues and have a clear climate action plan.

As part of the campaign activities David Michael, the Africa Regional Coordinator who leads the campaign alongside Joseph Ibrahim, the Nigeria National chapter lead, were interviewed on Nigeria national television and granted several other TV and radio interviews. They also organized and led street awareness campaigns in different parts of Nigeria and made advocacy visits to two traditional rulers.

According to David Michael:

“We are carrying out this campaign because it is easier to lobby climate and environmental sensitive public officials than climate deniers. Climate change issues are too important to be left in the hands of deniers.”