June is a Month of Action for volunteer policy advocates

We all have a right to a livable climate future. At Citizens’ Climate International, we believe everyone’s chances of success, including governments and industry, are enhanced when the design of our world is shaped by the needs and aspirations of all people. We all have a role to play in designing and securing a climate resilient future. Civic engagement is climate action.

This is why Citizens’ Climate volunteer chapters around the world will organize and support actions on five levers of political will, throughout the month of June:

  1. Meeting with public officials
  2. Media relations
  3. Grassroots engagement
  4. Grasstops engagement
  5. Local chapter & volunteer development

To support our volunteers globally we are are conducting three 30-minute volunteer training sessions on the 1st three Thursdays in June:

On Monday, June 6—the day after World Environment Day and the day the mid-year UN Climate Change negotiations open—we will launch a letter to the G7 leaders, with support from local chapters and the wider community, around the world. This call for action toward a livable climate future is stakeholder driven and will be part of our organizing throughout the month.

This Month of Action is not only about advocacy and outreach. It is also an opportunity for local volunteer chapters to focus on volunteer training and development. For citizen volunteer policy advocates, the process of preparation and organizing is constantly evolving. We must learn from each other, keep up with current events, and empower our new members to be effective advocates and part of a multifaceted team.



If you are planning to organize, host, or attend any in-person events, please consult the COVID-19 Safety section of the Engage4Climate Toolkit.

For up to date information on the Month of Action, click here.