CCI joins call to end fossil fuel addiction that funds Putin

Citizens’ Climate International has joined more than 450 organizations in 50 countries in calling for a ban on the import of Russian oil and gas, which provide funding for Vladimir Putin’s war machine. We also join in the call to move toward the phase out of all climate-destabilizing fuels.

We have made clear we view the Putin regime’s illegal invasion of Ukraine as an unacceptable atrocity. In that statement, we wrote:

We stand with civil society allies and partners and call on all law-abiding nations to counter disinformation, stand together, and work to contain this threat. In this age of planetary crisis, when we have so much knowledge and technical capacity at our disposal, we need to be able to work together, as a diverse international community, to develop our societies sustainably, peacefully, and with respect for one another’s humanity.

The people of Ukraine have an inalienable right to live free from terror and military invasion. All people have an interest in making sure that right is actively honored and secure. The safety, security, and sustainable wellbeing of all people everywhere depends on bringing an end to this illegal invasion and holding those responsible fully accountable to the rule of law.

Any flow of funds to the Putin regime is effectively financing war crimes, mass murder, and the nullification of international peace and security. That funding must stop.

We also wish to note here the recent report of IPCC Working Group II on Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability, which found that the window for successful climate resilient development is rapidly closing. Building in new and prolonged dependency on fossil fuels will close that window and lead to unprecedented proliferating risks and preventable human suffering.

We must do what we can to speed the transition to a zero emissions, climate resilient future of inclusive, sustainable development. Everything we, as human beings, value depends on it.