Three Informational Sessions circa the 3rd Wednesday of the month

Three Informational Sessions circa the 3rd Wednesday of the month

By the end of June major decisions will be made at the G7 and UNFCCC.

We can shape the future.


Follow the money!

The recent IPCC reports are clear. There is a narrow window of opportunity for avoiding climate catastrophe. It will cost trillions to transform our economy in this decade. There are economic tools available to make this transition possible without burdening the taxpayer.

Governments must enact policies that will redirect financial flows away from fossil fuels and towards building a resilient and equitable world.  These policies include carbon pricing, border carbon adjustments, climate risk disclosure laws for financial institutions, special drawing rights at the multi-lateral banks, end public financing of  projects that are destroying the environment and quantitative easing if necessary.

Join us circa the third Wednesday of the month to find out more. 
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